McLaren Vale Wine Country

After spending the night in Adelaide, we woke up bright and early to begin our wine country weekend. We didn’t have much of an itinerary but knew that we wanted to hit up the McLaren Vale region first since it was only 40 minutes away from the city.

The weather was cold and rainy but it felt like a proper fall day, unlike Queensland where we are still wearing shorts. I had heard that McLaren Vale was the prettiest of regions, so I was excited to finally see it for myself.

We spent the morning just driving through the hills and miles and miles of vineyards.

McLarenVale McLarenVale2 McLarenVale3 McLarenVale4

After the clock turned the magical “wine tasting appropriate” time of ten, we turned down a dirt road into the Dog Ridge Winery.

DogRidgeWe were the first and only visitors in the cellar door (probably because we showed up the minute they opened). We tried all of their wines and chatted with the sommelier and the winemaker for over an hour before we made our way down to the coast. They had suggested we check out Sellick’s Beach while we were in the area, so that we did.




That’s completely normal.

The water was really pretty and we got to see some of the red, rocky coastline Adelaide is known for. I would love to go back during the summer and rent a beach house in the area- wineries and beaches in one trip? Sign me up!

By this time we were starting to get hungry so we headed to Coriole- a winery someone had suggested to us. There was a wait for lunch so we walked around their gorgeous property and visited the cellar door.





We grew impatient and the menu had a little too much pate for our taste, so we decided to creep on out and find somewhere a little more suitable to our taste buds. We ended up eating lunch and getting drinks down the road at Ekhidna Wines- where they not only make their own wine but beer as well. I took their suggestion and tried the ginger beer- I am usually not a big ginger beer drinker but this was so good!


With full bellies we hopped in our sweet Fiat and began the next leg of our trip- through the Adelaide Hills to the famous Barossa Valley. More on that later…


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  • haha! “The wine tasting appropriate time of 10”.. this is awesome. What a dreamy notion of cruising the Australian countryside for vineyards. Despite the weather, it looks like fun!

    • Courtney Alkek

      It was really fun! After months and months of the heat, the cool albeit rainy weather was a welcome change.

  • I love touring wine regions, my boyfriend and I went on wine tours in the Hunter Valley and also the Barossa Valley when we lived in Australia.

    • Courtney Alkek

      The Hunter is on our list!

  • What beautiful scenery!! I love your outfit for the outing also!

    • Courtney Alkek


  • I loved the thought that 10am is wine tasting appropriate 🙂 All time is wine time in my mind!

    • Courtney Alkek

      I am all about wine at any time but I guess that’s the time that most wineries deemed appropriate.

  • This place looks amazing and I’m only a little bit offended that you went without me.

    Also Robot Alexa says hello.

    • Courtney Alkek

      Come visit and I will take you! Also, tell Alexa I said, “GET OUT NOW.”

  • what a romantic way to start the day, mist, cold, wine and beaches. What a extraordinary getaway! I will for sure sing up for a weekend like that too!

    • Courtney Alkek

      It was a pretty perfect day!

  • This sounds so lovely 🙂 I went wine tasting once in Switzerland and I really enjoyed it, I don’t know much about wine at all so I really loved learning something new and of course, getting to try the different wines!

    • Courtney Alkek

      It’s been a real learning experience for us as well but a really fun one!