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    We’re baaaaaack!

    After two months back home in Texas, we are back in Brisbane and getting back to normal life. I didn’t mean to take a two month blogging hiatus (with the exception of Leighon’s five and six month posts) but that’s life.

    I recapped a lot of what we have been up to in Leighton’s posts but I figured I might as well do a little update here as well. Apologies in advance if this is all over the place.

    We left for Texas early December so that we could attend (and be in) my sister-in-law’s wedding. Then we bounced around Texas until New Years when we headed back to Houston and Trav headed back to Australia to go back to work.

    It was definitely a different New Years with little miss in tow. It was actually New Years Eve 2015 that we found out I was pregnant with Leighton and we spent the whole night keeping the secret to ourselves (while I drank a lot of tonic water with lime). This year we spent it at a kid friendly party at our friend’s house in our old neighborhood.

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