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    Easter Weekending

    Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend with their families. We had a fun-filled four day weekend here in Brisbane.

    Good Friday in Australia is a big deal and everything shuts down, even the grocery stores. We took it pretty easy and hung out around the house and took a quick trip to the park in between nap times.

    Saturday we got up and moving pretty early and by 8:45 we were on the road to the Sunshine Coast. We hung out at Dicky Beach all morning. Leighton loves playing in the sand but the noisy waves were not her favorite. Luckily, the beach has a little creek that runs from the ocean where the water is shallow and still. She was splashing and dunking her head in the water just like she does in swimming class, it was so cute.  We stopped at the local fish and chips for lunch and we were back in the car for Leighton’s afternoon nap. We have learned the trick for these day trips is working the car times to be at Leighton’s nap times, so we are all happy campers.

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