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    Leighton {Six Months}

    Hi remember me? I used to blog here regularly? Well we will back in Australia next week and I will hopefully get back to blogging. We’ve been in Texas the past two months (sans computer, excuse any weird spacing in this post I’m on my phone). Anyway back to business with Leighton’s monthly update… 


    Around 16lbs, not sure of length (we have her 6 month appointment when we get back) 

    Size 3-6 clothes but they are getting snug


    We started introducing some solids gradually this month. She’s had some purees and some things she’s just grabbed and fed herself. I’ve been reading the Baby Led Weaning book, but we’re just doing a mix of that and more traditional purree/spoon feeding. She likes holding things herself. 


    This has been an interesting month sleep wise… I thought we dodged the 4 month regression but then the night she turned 5 months she started waking up again ?. Leighton has been sleeping through the night (12+ hours) since three months, so this was a harsh adjustment for us. Luckily she is back to sleeping through most nights although she does like to get up and practice her crawling but usually can put herself back to sleep pretty quickly. Now I’m just dreading getting her back on track once we’re home in Australia… 

    I think we are finally making progress in the nap department too and hopefully we can get into some sort of a routine when we get back.


    Putting everything in her mouth, her Pops, eating food, my camelback water bottle, sitting on people’s shoulders, the jumperoo, being on the floor, smirking at everything, DOGS


    Being held too long, long road trips 


    • Surprising my grandma for her 80th birthday! We showed up on her front door (8 hours away) unannounced. 
    • Spending lots of time with family in Texas. She hung out with all her grandparents and some aunts and uncles. 
    • Getting to visit one of besties in New Braunfels just days before her little one made a debut. The best was going to our college town, San Marcos, and showing Leighton some of our old stomping grounds. 

    • Going on lunch and dinner dates with my friends and their babies. It’s so fun getting to spend time and see how everyone’s kids have grown. 
    • Seeing Travis after being apart for a whole month! 

    Developmental Milestones 

    • Getting pretty good at sitting up on her own, I’m still not confident enough to move too far away. 

    • Trying to crawl all the time. She gets up on her hands and knees and does lots of rocking.

    • Grabbing EVERYTHING. Gone are the days of being able to eat a meal with her on your lap. She will try and get her hands on anything she can reach. 

    What’s Up Next…

    Visiting her second cousin, Luke, in Fort Worth this week. They are the same age difference as my cousin and I, so it will be fun to see the second generation of the Whitaker grandkids together. 

    Flying back to Australia next week! She’s a lot more active since we flew over two months ago, so all the prayers are welcome! 

    And the outtakes…

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