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Exploring Brisbane

We have been busy, busy over here lately! My mother-in-law, Sandy and my nephew, Dylan landed in Brisbane on July 1st and we hit the ground running right away.

Teneriffe Festival and New Farm Park

After we scooped them up from the airport we headed back to the apartment so they could get cleaned up and then walked down to our neighborhood festival. I blogged about the festival a couple years ago (here) when we went for the first time. This year it seemed less crowded than in the past and we were sad to see there weren’t any pig races going on! We walked around, got food from a few places, and checked out the WWII memorabilia before deciding to hop on the ferry and head down to the park.

New Farm park has one of the best playgrounds. It is huge and has the best climbing trees right in the middle of the playground.

Sandgate/Shorncliffe Foreshore

Sunday we decided to head to the bay after Leighton’s morning nap. One of our favorite places to spend an afternoon is the Sandgate/Shorncliffe area which is only 20 minutes from our house.

We had a yummy lunch of fish and chips before going on a big walk along the coast. We ended at the playground (another awesome one especially for big kids!) before getting our ice cream fix.


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Monday we decided to check a big item off the Aussie bucket list- hold a koala. We also spent quite a bit of time hanging out with all of the kangaroos and feeding them. Leighton just wanted to cuddle them, I am pretty certain she just assumed they were big dogs.

South Bank

Another spot we always take visitors is South Bank. Just across the river from the CBD (Central Business District) this is where all the museums, theaters and touristy spots are. We took the bus over and the first stop was at the cafe, My Sweetopia, for coffees and lunch. They were so sweet to offer to make Dylan his own “coffee” aka a babychino. He’s officially an Aussie now.

It was a warm day, so after lunch we headed down to the pool along the river. Dylan was excited to see Streets Beach, the manmade beach that’s the subject of many a Brisbane photo opp. Unfortunately the pool was closed for maintenance since it is winter and isn’t opening until Spring. Luckily, the lagoon and kids area was still open and hoppin’. The water was pretty chilly but neither Dylan or Leighton seemed to mind.

My favorite was the splash pad on a map of Brisbane. We put Leighton on top of where we live!

After getting dried off and changed we walked over to the museum to check out the gladiator exhibit. Dylan had been excited to see it since I had told his mom about it before he came over. Leighton took her afternoon nap in her pram while we strolled around and checked out the artifacts and interactive stations. Dylan and Sandy even got to play dress up and have a mock duel.

South Bank also has an awesome playground which was really busy when we went since it was school holidays, so we are checking it out today.

Springbrook National Park

We have quite a few pictures from this day trip, so I figured I would put them in their own post. This adventure had a few misadventures at the beginning but turned out to be so worth it when we made it Perling Falls. It was breathtaking! 

Park Crawl and Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Thursday we did a park crawl around the city. We hit up four different parks and I am pretty sure both kiddos were in heaven. We ended at one of our fave neighborhood spots, Zero Fox, for a tasty late afternoon snack of octopus karage and dumplings (and ciders for the adults).

Friday was really rainy all day so besides swim lessons and going out to eat for pizza, we didn’t do much. Saturday we apparently took zero pictures when we went to the West End for lunch and to play by the river (another playground, of course).A

On Sunday, Sandy and I let Travis take the kids while we ran some errands and had a relaxing ladies day (with a luxury like an uninterrupted long lunch). He took them up to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs for lunch and took possibly the cutest picture ever.

Don’t worry that was just week 1! We are now halfway through week 3 of their visit. Last week we headed off to New Zealand for a few days and I will have plenty on that later. 🙂

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  • lots of fun activities:) #wanderfulwednesday

  • Lorelle Catalano

    Looks like you guys have had an amazing time…love that Koala. 🙂

    • It’s been really fun. It was so precious, I love going to the Koala Sanctuary.

      • Lorelle Catalano

        They are very precious animals 🙂

  • Look at her being such an adventurer already!

  • This seriously looks like y’all have had the best time with family while they’re in town. I love that you’re taking them all around Brisbane and showing them around, but I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to hearing all about your New Zealand trip!

  • Lizzie Pluta

    Some of my favourite places in Brissie too. Lone Pine is a must for showing tourists around.

    • I agree. I actually renewed my membership for the next year, so hopefully I can Leighton up there even when we don’t have visitors.

  • So much fun! It’s just the best when you get to show people around and explore for yourself too 🙂 So glad you had a blast!

  • Wow you really are busy!! I’d love to see koalas and kangaroos and can’t wait to hear about your trip to New Zealand!!

    • I couldn’t believe how much we packed into just that first week. Especially with two kiddos.

  • Oh my goodness the koala photos – sooo cute!! I have a baby photo of me holding a koala, they are such a keeper! So precious!

  • Oh I’m so jealous about the koalas and kangaroos! I would love to hold a koala! And the kids in the last photo are just adorable. 🙂 I hope you guy are still having tons of fun. It’s so fun when family visit and you can show them around!

    • We had so much fun! And now my family is getting here on Saturday so we have more tour guiding to come.