Enoggera Creek Reserve

Hi friends! I am keeping it short and sweet today and sharing a little Brisbane gem we discovered recently. The weather has been getting pretty warm here lately (considering it’s still just Spring- eek), so we have been on the lookout for activities to enjoy and also to cool off. Travis had read about the Enoggera Creek Reserve and we decided to check it out one Sunday after Leighton’s nap.

Enoggera Dam is a heritage listed water reservoir in The Gap suburb in Brisbane. From our house near the city centre it took just under half an hour to get there. Not too bad to feel like you have escaped the hustle and bustle and settled into nature. We parked at the Walkabout Creek Visitor’s Centre and popped into the cafe to pick up sandwiches for lunch.

Leighton wasn’t feeling this photo op. There is also a wildlife centre by the cafe where apparently park rangers do talks and show models of different wildlife native to the area.

From the visitor’s centre there are signs that will lead you to the creek or to a walking path. The whole area is very well taken care of. There are more signs that lead you to the swimming area or to kayak. We followed the path down to the creek where we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too crowded.

Unfortunately we didn’t think to bring down our picnic blanket, so we had to settle with sitting on our beach towels for our little picnic. To the right you can see the roped off area for swimmers. There were people kayaking and stand up paddle boarding outside of the buoys. If you don’t have your own, there was a stand where you could rent them by the hour.

After eating our lunch we headed down to the water for a swim. The water was still pretty chilly, but Leighton could care less so Travis and I had to suck it up and get in. There were both families and young people (boozing) and splashing around in the water. Leighton also enjoyed sitting along the bank and playing in the sand. My phone isn’t waterproof so unfortunately I didn’t get to snap any pictures.

After swimming for a while we decided to hop out and dry off before heading home for someone’s afternoon nap (#parentlife). We hung out on the shore for a while then walked around the trail a bit before hitting the road.

It was a fun, mini day trip and I would definitely recommend checking out Enoggera Creek on a hot, summer day!

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  • I bet you’ll be heading there a lot more in summer – they always seem to be long and hot in Brisbane!

    • Luckily we do miss out on a good chunk of summer when we go back to Texas for Christmas. It has already been in the 30’s here, I am not ready!

  • Lorelle Catalano

    Oh wow. If it’s hot there already, I can only imagine Summer!! We have had a glorious week so far in Melbourne. Spring is definitely here. 🙂 #WanderfulWednesday

    • Last Thursday the high was 36, whyyyy?! I am jealous that you get proper seasons in Melbourne, although there are plenty of winter days I am happy to be in Brisbane.

      • Lorelle Catalano

        Wow…36 is pretty high for October!! The weather is changing everywhere! But we are pretty lucky here in Australia. 🙂

  • you’re raising the world’s most adventurous baby!!

  • So gorgeous, I love your adventures with Leighton! 🙂 And that beautiful sunny weather too, it looks like it was perfect for exploring this gem!

    • Thanks. It is fun to travel with our little sidekick, even if we have to work around her nap schedule.

  • This sounds like the perfect getaway from the city, and even better that it’s so well kept. I love that there were so many people taking advantage of the water, and that there are stands to rent equipment if you happen to leave yours behind. And that first picture of Leighton is too funny! She definitely wasn’t feeling it!

  • the cutouts where we can stick our kids’ heads are my very favorite. i purposely try to seek them out. i LOVE the one of leighton. hahah what a fun place to find!

  • I love the image of Leighton as a little drill sergeant making you go for a swim regardless of your thoughts on the matter! That looks like such a lovely place to spend a warm day, good thing you’ve got plenty of them coming up 😉

  • What a lovely place for a picknick and swim on a hot summer’s day!